February 2015

"This is Gary Griffin following in the Beatles' footsteps crossing Abbey Road - all the way from Prince George County, Virginia - back in November 2013"
"We are Hannu, Venla, Veera and Suvi Tomukorpi from Finland - crossing Abbey Road!"
"Taken 21st February 2015. My children and me walking those famous footsteps! Imogen McNally, Sam McNally (on my 35th Birthday) and Fenton McNally from West Sussex, England"
"Hello. These pictures were taken the 19th of February 2015. The first picture is Marita Gustafsson from Halmstad, Sweden...............
.....................and the second picture is Melker Gustafsson and his father Mikael Gustafsson, also from Halmstad, Sweden. Thanks - Marita"
Redheads Crossing!

These three redheads were crossing to promote the 'Redhead Days' festival in the Netherlands. They crossed on the 19th February and by coincidence are also in the background of the previous two images sent by the Gustafsson family.

"Christopher Morris from Wollongong, NSW Australia, crossing over on 5th October 2012"