July 2001

Harald, one of two Norwegian Beatles fans who visited the UK in June this year, crossing over on 9th June 2001.
Roar (the other Norwegian Beatles fan ;-)) in front of the studios, "Tired but happy."
Nilson Passos crossing over on 17th August 2000. These pictures were skilfully taken by Nilson's wife Elyanni. Both hail from Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil.
I hope you enjoyed your coffee!
Manon and husband Marcel from Montreal, Canada crossing over on their 25th wedding anniversary in July 2000.
Marcel on the crossing.
Paul Sanders from Atlanta, Georgia, USA crossing on 24th May 2001 with bare feet. Glad to hear you enjoyed Liverpool and made it back in one piece :-)
John & Lisa Mitchell from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA crossing on 8th August 2000. They arrived at the crossing on the 31st anniversary of the taking of the Abbey Road cover photo at the very hour (11:30 a.m.) that the original shoot took place. Brave considering the thunderstorm overhead at that point! Richard will be pleased that you enjoyed his "In My Life" walk. If you send us your crossing picture we will be more than happy to put that up on the site too!
Manon proving that she was really there - also useful for remembering the name of the street that the crossing is on! :-)