July 2005

Scott Hennig writes: "This is a photo taken on June 24, 2004 of Scott, Stacey and Ram crossing. Ram lives less than 100 m away from the cross walk but has never had his picture taken there. Thanks " - Our pleasure Scott
This is Martin Endl from Prague, Czech Republic, "Crossing Over" on 21st May 2005
Luc McGuire - who sent us a photo for last month's page - has found some more pictures to add for this this month following his visit here with Sylvie and Marielle from Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada. Above is Luc..........
..........and here is Sylvie 'Crossing Over'..........
.......and finally Luc and Marielle.
Sylvia Heijerman from the Netherlands has sent us this picture of her husband Edwin Crossing Over on 8th June 2005
This is Jan Ingram Bautista from Puebla, Mexico...........
.......... who visited Abbey Road on 1st November 2004
Marzio writes: "Hello, I'm Marzio. I'm a Beatles/McCartney fan and I'm Italian ( "bisiaco" ) from Trieste (near Trieste). I took this photo on 01 April 2005 at the Abbey Road Film Festival. Thanks and ciao!!"