October 2002

Steve Cordes from Ashland, Wisconsin, "very humbly stepping across the most legendary crosswalk of all time" on Setember 5, 2002.
Steve with wife Donni outside the studios.
Omar Garcia from Mexico City, crossing over with friends in August 2002. The all important order for the crossers is as follows: Omar (at George's place), Felio Mirabent (at Paul's place), Paola Valencia (at Ringo's) and Jorge Sandoval (at John's).
Omar (in the beige jacket) with friend Jorge Sandoval by one of the Abbey Road street signs. "Que vivan los Beatles!!!!!!" - Thanks Omar.
The Savino family (Edie, Stephanie, Paul and Sal) from New Jersey, USA, crossing over on August 22nd 2002.
Heinz Niermann from Germany crossing over on August 17th 2002 during a visit to London with friend Monika (doing the camerawork).
David Peralta from Fullerton, CA, USA, crossing barefoot on August 14th 2002
Danny Ross crossing after David (above). David says they "almost got run over but it was worth it." We're glad you made it or we would never have seen the pictures! :-)