December 2010

A short step back in time. Here is a note that John Yaeger from New York sent us:

Attached is a photo taken in July, 1985. It was a childhood dream come true!

Hi. These two pics were taken in May of 1984. My name is Nick Conklin of Wanaque NJ. I was in Europe for a month and took a weekend flight to London. It happened to be on the Queens birthday - a Saturday - and they celebrate that by riding outside Buckingham Palace in a gilded horse drawn carriage. We were lucky enough to see the Queen, Prince Philip, Princess Diana, Charles and the Queen Mother. A beautifull day I will never forget............
.................From Hyde Park I took a taxi ride to Abbey Road - a Beatles fan dream come true. I asked the guard at the door for a tour. He said no way , cant be done. I offered him $50.00 cash. Still no. I found out about a month later that they were giving tours! But still, I was there. Peace. Nick (Shame you missed the tour Nick. There was just a short period in 1984 - the only time it has happened to my knowledge - that whilst the control room of Studio 2 was being refurbished the studios were opened to the public. Glad to hear you still had such a great trip. JJ)
Andrew Dunlevy writes:

Hi, this is me and my girlfriend Linda Evans crossing the Abbey Road Crossing on Saturday 11th December 2010. We are both from Middlesbrough, England. I am a life long Beatles fan. It would be nice to see the picture uploaded to your website. Regards - Andrew.


Hello. This is a picture of me - Bob Zasloff - with girlfriend Edie Kozich... We traveled to St Johns Wood London from Paris to cross Abbey Road!! Upon completion we traveled back on Grove End Road towards the Metro when I realized we took the picture walking the wrong way............

.............We went back and had the photo taken again. We then went 3 blocks up the road to Cavendish Avenue where Paul has a home and of course stopped in at the Beatles Coffee Shop!! It was a great day!! We visited London in September of 2008 and reside in Columbus Ohio! Thank you!!! (Our pleasure Bob! [JJ])
Rose Ann Belluso from Pennsylvania, USA, hit the headlines after getting Sir Paul to sign her back during his Philadelphia concert in August of this year and then having the signature made permanent by having a tattoo artist go over it the following day! Unfortunately she hasn't sent a picture of the tattoo ................
..............and here she is again at Abbey Road Crossing Over back in 2005. She writes: 'Unfortunately the angle is not ideal, hence the shot is not very reminiscent of the original. My husband did the best he could with traffic coming from both directions and irate drivers shouting at us. Best wishes - Rose Ann Belluso.
Our last picture for 2010 was sent to me under the title of '4 Grannies In The Cold'. These lovely ladies from France point out that they are the same generation as The Beatles! They are Sylvie, Tchika, Annie and Claudine who Crossed Over on December 1st 2010.

Many thanks to all of you who have sent your pictures to us during 2010. I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2011. Jeff Jarratt