September 2009

From Dizzy Miss Lizzy we received this message and photo:

"I send you the photo of my son SIMONE GRAZIANI, from SAVONA, ITALY - 27 september 2008. Thank you, your web site is a nice idea."

Unfortunately Christian Zunino from France was unable to find someone to take a picture of him Crossing Over when he visited Abbey Road to celebrate his 50th birthday in May 2008. You'll just have to come back again Christian! In the meantime this is a picture that he took of the crossing while he was there.
On 9th September 2003 Frank X. Bochanski from Turnersville, NJ, USA, discovered that he had missed seeing Paul arriving at Abbey Road Studios by just 40 minutes. Unlucky Frank! Maybe next time?
Scott & Lou Segner Crossed Over on July 2, 2005. "It was a gorgeous day in London" says Scott. "Perfect for Crossing Over"
Chad Goedderz crossing over in August of 2002
MARIPAZ RUSILLO took this picture of JUAN J. SEVILLA from Spain Crossing Over on 15 August 2009
Philippe Wille-Van de Velde sent this message and photo:

Hi Jeff. This web site is a great idea. Thanks. This is a photo from us in August 2005. John is my daughter "Violette", Ringo me "Philippe", Paul is my boy "Guillaume" and George is my niece " Amélie ". Family Wille - Van de Velde from Belgium ! Was not easy with the traffic but an AMAZING moment ! Again Thanks. Philippe

Bryan Adkins from San Diego, CA, USA writes: "I took the tour with Richard Porter - a splendid private tour - in 2002............
..........It was a trip of a lifetime. I shall never forget it! Richard took these pictures for me. Thanks Richard!"
This is Jim Klopatek from Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA who 'Crossed Over' on 1st September 2009.
"Hi there ... I was lucky enough to cross the Abbey Rd crossing on 8/8/2009 ... the 40th Anniversary of the Beatles crossing ... and after many attempts got the photo!! My name is Brendon Coleman and I travelled from Sydney, Australia to enjoy the day!!!"