March 2004

Donald Lyons came to London for a weeks holiday so that he could celebrate his 50th Birthday on 18th September 2003 by crossing the famous pedestrian crossing at Abbey Road. A very Happy belated Birthday Don!
......and this is Ron Savin who came across with young Don from Wisconsin, USA to help him celebrate that very special Birthday. Glad to hear that it was the best vacation you have ever had Don.
Well, here are three pictures from a very big Beatles fan, Cindy Bowe. I think it best if I let Cindy explain........

These photos were taken on 27 January 2004! I found your website a few weeks before my trip and could not wait to get to Abbey Road to take pictures so that one day mine would be among all the others that you have posted. I was visiting dear friends in Reigate Surrey England and made it known that I wanted to cross Abbey Road during this visit. I am a HUGE Beatles fan and it was the highlight of my trip to walk where they had walked! The very best part about crossing was that my husband, Steve, was watching on the webcam back in Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA and saw the whole experience as it was happening! I called him from the payphone inside the tube station right next to your Café to tell him I was there and to log on! How great is that?! After an extensive visit to the crossing and the studios I enjoyed a delicious coffee and bought loads of souvenirs at your café! Thanks for the memories!! Beatle Cindy Bowe, Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA [Those were the days. I miss that little Café. JJ]

Cindy on the crossing.....
......and finally leaving her mark in London! Thanks for the photos Cindy.
This is Paquita Rabionet from Anglès-Girona-Spain. She visited Abbey Road on 7th December 2002 and is hoping to come back later this year with her daughter. We look forward to seeing you again!
Ed Weaver crossed over on Saturday 24th January 2004. Ed was on a visit from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

(NB from JJ: Thanks for the kind words about the Café Ed!)

This is Emy from Italy, Crossing Over on january 23rd 2004
Here are four photos sent by Ulrike (her friends call her Ulli) Nagel, from Germany..................
.....She and her boyfriend Alex visited Abbey Road on January 1st 2004. This was captured by her parents back in Germany via the Studio webcam............
...........I like this one! Brings back some great memories of when we used to have the Café [J.J.]
...Friends of Ulli play in a Beatles tribute band called The Pumpkins. You can check their website on finally here is another shot taken by Mum and Dad. Thanks Ulrike!
Jeandan from France enjoyed seeing his picture on our February page so much that he has sent us another one taken during his visit in January 2004 to add to our March page. Thanks Jeandan.
Shawna Allwright writes: Thank you for the neat service that you provide. The ladies names are Joy, Hilda, Faye, Shawna (from Canada) & Christine (from Romford) Crossing Over in October 2003. - Our pleasure Shawna.
Karin Heroux from Africa writes: I was in London recently and did the walk half frozen :) Here is my photo. I am admittedly more a hobbit fan than a Beatles fan, (We did not hear that Karin!!!) so after I had seen the pics of the 4 hobbits emulating the Beatles cover, I just had to visit Abbey Road on my first ever visit to the UK and my first trip outside of Africa! It was a lot of fun but VERY cold! I took several photos of the crossing and the studio, but I thought I would insert this one (below) - I signed the graffiti wall! (People mostly know me by my nickname - Ikati). My friend thought I was totally nuts!
....a little crazy maybe? but surely not nuts!! Thanks Karin. Hope you have warmed up again!