December 2017

"Hi. Attached is the photo taken 18th April 2017 and is me with my brother and our cousins on their recent visit from California. Our cousins, Jason and Julie, are 1st and 4th from the left. I am 2nd and brother John is 3rd.I took this with Jason's camera then had to 'photoshop' myself in the following day, hence the no shoes detail!.................
...............I hope you like it. (It is now pride of place in my lounge as a canvas - also see above)
Here is a photo sent this month by Rick Macdowell. If you want to add any more info please mail it to us Rick and we can easily add it here.
"Hi. I hope this fits with your collection. A picture taken in July 2017 by my wife in Basel, Switzerland, at a hidden wall of fame. Hermann Rafetseder"