December 2000

Jonathan Bishop, crossing over in November 2000, whilst studying in London for the term!
Patrick Flaherty from Toronto Canada. He says "I made the famous crossing June 26, 2000. It was almost a religious experience!! My girlfriend Louise took the picture and she's from England." Thanks Patrick.
John Daley crossing over in June 2000 risking his wife Mary's life for this 'authentic' style shot. "But it was all worth it."
Pictured left to right: Bob Wooster, Rob & Ruth Bishop, and Beckie Wooster crossing over in March '98 whilst on a trip to London. Also included is the sign as it was at that particular time.
Jamie Tate (centre) from Nashville crossing with Dale Loyd (left) - now an English resident sometimes working at Abbey Road! and Jim Rodgers (right). Jamie "crossed the Atlantic to cross the road." Now that's a fan. Thanks Jamie.
Keith Jaskiewicz from Monterey, California crossing back in April of 1996.
From left to right: Kara Ludlum, Vicki Gibson, G. Carl Gibson and Marty Ludlum all from Norman, Oklahoma crossing over on June 25, 2000.