August 2003

Jesper Svendsen from Denmark crossing over on 17th July 2003...
...and Pernille, Sif and Freja (also all from Denmark), also crossing over on 17th July 2003.
Jim Roach from Glendale, California outside Abbey Road Studios in early July 2003...
...and here crossing over. Thanks Jim.
The Lewis family - Jeff, Garrett & Pam from Jackson USA, crossing over on 29th June 2003.
This is Jane & Dennis from Orchard Park, NY, taken after Richard's Walk on 15 July 2003.
Marty McCray crossing on July 7, 2003 (Ringo's birthday as sister Debbie Cameron correctly points out!)
Fero with his son Miki from Vienna, Austria crossing on July 9th 2003.
Fero & Miki at 'ey Road Studios' :-)
This is Robert Yowell from Los Angeles, CA (the one with the bare feet!) crossing over Abbey Road on a Sunday morning in June of 1998. The others in the photo are apparently "some Japanese tourists who were hanging out outside the studio." Anyone recognise them? ;-)
One of Juani and Romen from the Canary Islands, crossing in July 2002.
And finally, Pedro Cabrera, also from the Canary Islands, outside Abbey Road Studios (also in July 2002). Thanks for sending the pics Pedro.