May 2011

From Antwerp - Belgium this is Robert Bettens "Crossing Over" during his visit to London in April and May 2010. He says that his wife taking this photo brings back some 'nostalgic feelings'
"Hi. Love your website and on a very short trip to London from Aberdeen, as Beatles fans, my son and I had to walk the crossing. I wish we could have done it together but I did not want to hand my expensive camera over to a stranger! We would love it if you could post our photographs on your website. Above is my son Robert........................
..........................and this is me - Martin Ingram. Both photographs were taken on Sunday 24th April, 2011 at around 3pm. Thanks - Martin [Our pleasure Martin. JJ]
And from one very happy fan - "Hi There. I know we got the angle all wrong, but my smile makes up for it. What a great day! I also got to tour the studios after this photo was taken. All the best - Mark Summer"...........[Lucky you. How did you manage to get a tour of the studios? - JJ]
This is Tami Dunn from Boulder, Colorado