February 2012

Benjamin Arnaud has sent us this picture:

"Hi, this is Claire, Marie, Linda and Christine from Toulouse, France. The photo was taken on the 21st May 2010. Thank you for editing it. It would be nice if we could see it on the web. Thank you so much. It's fun for fans! Sincerely."

"Hi. We crossed over on boxing day 26/12/11. My wife Gayle is in the preachers white coat (John) My Brother in Law, Jeff, is the grave digger (George) I'm next, Greg, as the dead barefoot (Paul) My sister in law Lucy as the undertaker (Ringo). We got the order mixed up , but it was a huge blast to walk the crossing. We are from Rye Victoria Australia except for Ringo (Lucy) who is from England and it was her first time there (unbelievable!) The London bus is a nice addition (the volksy has put on a bit of weight) lol . Cheers - Greg Way"
Yannick Jardin from France writes: "This photograph was taken on February 2nd, 2012 at 10:00 AM"
"I am John Payne, now living in Worcestershire, England; in the sixties I used to drink with friends at the Abbey Tavern in Abercorn Place round the corner from the Studios. The pub is now closed. This is me 'crossing over' on Tuesday 7th February 2012."
"Here is our photo of May 2009. We are Alain and Véronique from Marseille (France) visiting London and 'crossing Abbey Road'! Not really the right moment of the day to take a picture here (trash cans time...) !!"
"Hi. I enclose herewith some pictures which were taken yesterday, Feb. 10th 2012. It is my second crossing..............
............... I was as happy as the first time. I am a complete Beatlemaniac.......................
.................My name is ALICIA A. LINK. I am from Buenos Aires, and I was there on November 16th last year. It was the first thing I did after landing at Heathrow. Would you be kind enough to upload this second series of pictures? Thank you in advance. Alicia."
"Hi, my name is John Ruzicka from San Francisco, CA, and I crossed Abbey Road in August 2011. During the trip I crossed off several things from my bucket list: seeing the Rosetta Stone, seeing Stonehenge, and, of course, crossing Abbey Road."
This is David, Wesley, Hanna and Lisa Oliver from Salem, Virginia USA