May 2004

Saturday 3rd April 2004........Peter Aurik from Vianen, Ut in the Netherlands, Crossing Over, followed by...........
.........his wife, Elize. Thanks for sending the photos Elize!
This is Maria Ines from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who has now visited London on two occasions and is already planning her next trip. This picture was taken on her first visit in September 1997. "I hope with all my heart to came back to England as soon as possible." We look forward to seeing you Maria!
Keisha Smith writes: I would like to share my picture of my family crossing Abbey Road. We are from Orange County, California, USA. We were vacationing in London for two weeks, and had an excellent time! We crossed over Abbey Road on Sunday, April 4th. This picture is of my dad Steve, me (Keisha), my brother Kasen, and my Aunt Linda. We would be thrilled to have this posted on your website! Thank you! - Thanks to you too Keisha! It is our pleasure to have a site where Abbey Road fans can share their magic memories!
Rick Billings and Hayley Kirman Crossed Over on Friday 19th March 2004......... here is Rick on the crossing. Rick says this was One of the highlights of our London trip!
.............. and this is Hayley at the road sign
Jacob Slucker from Riga, Latvia, visited Abbey Road on 10 April 2004
This is Julhes Jean Paul and his wife on a visit from France......... the Café.........
.....and a picture Julhes Jean-Paul would like us to add for personal reasons. It is our pleasure Julhes Jean-Paul!