September 2014

"Hello, my name is Gerd Peter. I am from Germany. I was there 31st July 2014. Bye. Gerd Peter"
"Hello. My name is Christian Rothe. This picture was taken back on 9-19-2013. I am from Topeka Kansas USA. I am so happy to say I got to visit Abbey Road and take in the sight! My story starts off because of this site about 4 years ago. I was working a pretty slow boring job and had some time to kill. I got to thinking about the Beatles album and decided to see if I could navigate to the crossing on Google Earth. Once I found it I told my co-worker that someday I was going to stand there and get my picture taken. Thanks for having this site!" - [Our pleasure Christian. Glad you made it! - Jeff Jarratt]
"I crossed Abbey Road on May 17, 2014 wearing my 1970 John Lennon style round sunglasses. My name is Connie Gifford from Kettering, Ohio USA"