December 2014

"We are Leo, Iven and Jessie... from the Philippines.. MABUHAY.. it's more fun in the Philippines....."[Hopefully you'll have better weather and more fun next time! Thanks for sharing the picture :) JJ]
Not much information here but I'm sure Laisa and Chris know what it's all about: "Collision between Brazil and Belgium. Laisa Simonetti and Chris"
"I am from West Central Wisconsin, U.S.A. In October 2014 my wife, mother-in-law (who are originally from England) and I (from Wisconsin) made a trip to Oxford and then London. It was October 22, 2014 when this picture was taken. Mike Ojanpera"
"I Crossed December 15,2014 - Chris Banks, Winnipeg, MB, Canada"
"Hi, My name is Hafiz Nurqalbuzaky from Belakang Padang, Indonesia. I crossed Abbey Road on October 22, 2014. Cheers!"
"All family, one without shoes! I'm at the back, from the USA, my cousin and his father in the middle, from England, and the one in front, he's from Australia. We crossed in September 2014. Thanks - Jerry Dunne"
"Hiii, I have been on Abbey Road 2 years ago, 3 March 2012. Attached is my photo. The first photo is me in front of the Abbey Road street sign.........................
............................and the second is one I took standing at the front of the studios. Many thanks for your attention. Regards, Riky Pandito, Indonesia - South East Asia"