December 2001

Diane, Stephanie, Steve and Whitney Turek from Olathe, Kansas, USA crossing over on 26th June 2001 after celebrating 2 graduations.
Uli from Tubingen, Germany crossing over on the 31th of October 2001. As you can see, paul was around as well. Uli says "It was nice to meet him."
Uli at the sign!
Jonathan Osborne from Minneapolis, Minnesota crossing over on Saturday 10th November on a recent trip to London, just one day after proposing to his (now) fiancee Mary Pat. Congratulations Jonathan!
Audrey, Ashley, Shawn and Mark Whetstine of Melba, Idaho U.S.A., crossing over during their vacation to the U.K. at the end of May, 2001. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to London.
Conrad Schuster from Greifswald, Germany, crossing over on 19th September 2001. Thanks Conrad.