July 2010

Richard Hill writes: Attached are two jpg photos of a father fulfilling his dream. I Crossed Over with my two children and their friend John...................
..........We are from left to right, Richard, John, Andrew and Alex of Oakland, Maryland USA. The photos were taken back in 2004 by our friend JBA

Hello, I have crossed the road on 27.11.2009. My wife and I were visiting London for the first time. For me it was the important place to be because I am a great Beatles fan. On the 3.12.2009 I saw Paul McCartney in our O2-Arena in Berlin, live with his show "Good Evening Europe". It was great. It was a lot of fun to see all the other people crossing Abbey Road. We had a lot of funny conversations there with guys from all over the world. Thank you for your homepage and greetings from Berlin to London..........................Detlef Siebert


Jon Doyle from Birmingham, England writes: "This is me at the Crossing on Saturday 24th July 2010. Thank U"