February 2017

"Hello, My name is Ina Winkels! I'm from Holland! Last Sunday 29th January I did the Abbey Road crossing again! .................
................ We were there also in August 2010! (Photo originally posted January 2011.) It was very nice to be there again after we did "the Beatles walk" with Richard Porter!"
"Hi. Our names are Matthew (left) and Richard (right). Matthew is originally from Pennsylvania but currently lives in NYC. Richard is from Pennsylvania. First trip to London. Picture taken on February 6, 2017 by Kimberly, also an NYC resident"
"Taken in February 1986 for a 12th Birthday treat. From left to right: Marcus Reynolds, Stephen Knowles, Marc Lancaster, Paul Meuross"
Here is a very nice picture sent by Kathy Gonzales. Unfortunately there is no other information attached with the photo. [If you'd like to send some additional information Kathy we can easily add it here......Jeff]