January 2011

This is from C.E. Winkels from Stad aan't Haringvliet - a little village in the Netherlands with 1400 inhabitants:

I crosssed Abbey Road in August 2010 when we were in London for 6 days. We are from Holland and we took the picture after we did the Beatles walk with Richard Porter. Marvellous! We have been there before and every time we enjoy it very, very much. The sixties were our times! Thanks!

In December 2010 Rose Ann Belluso from Pennsylvania, USA, sent us a picture of her meeting Sir Paul during his Philadelphia concert. She hit the headlines after getting Sir Paul to sign his autograph on her back and then the following day had a tattoo artist make it a permanent feature. She has just sent us this picture to prove it! Thanks Rose Ann.
From Giovanni Amadasi:

Hi, this is my picture of Abbey Road Zebra Crossing with my son Riccardo and my friend Raimondo on August 29, 2009. I live in Sardinia, Italy. Regards, Giovanni


Hello ....here are 2 photos from the Abbey Road Zebra Crossing, taken on June 22, 2010. From left to right, Kathy Lamm, Kaitlin Brick, Wendy Brick and Alex Lamm...............


................... We are from Charlotte, NC USA! We loved it!

This is Mike Pace from South Carolina USA Crossing Over in July 2006...........
.............and here is Mike's 'office' with a much sought after Abbey Road road sign that he bought at auction with signatures on the sign dating back to 1998. A similar sign is currently for sale on Ebay with an asking price of $25,000 !!
Bernardo Aguerre from Uruguay, South America, crossing over in 1982
Russel Trimm writes:

Hi, I visited the Abbey Road crossing on 16 January 2011 with my parents from Cape Town, South Africa. First over, my sons Adam and Bevan, followed by my Dad, Graham Trimm and myself Russel Trimm. What an honour to share this with my Dad, a life long Beatles fan. Thank you for posting! Our pleasure Russel [JJ]

One of our first pictures for the New Year is in fact one taken back in 1989. Patrick Dickson writes:

This is Scott Kirsch from Toledo, Ohio; Patrick Dickson from West Springfield, Massachusetts; Ric Gaytan from California; and Richard Tobin from O'Brien's Bridge, County Limerick, Ireland. August 1989. Cool site. Hope you can accommodate an older photo! We certainly can Patrick. Happy New Year to you [JJ]


Hi, my name is Robin Mathew and I am from Bangalore, India. Three of my colleagues Ankit Kalra, Shyam Shreyas and Arjun Singh are in London as part of a secondment. All of us being Beatles fans put in a decent amount of time recreating the Abbey road crossing picture and I am proud to say it came out almost perfect!! It was a legendary day!!