December 2009

This piece of wall art and the photo below came from Rachael Silverman:

I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures which were taken on or around June 14, 2003. The first picture is of what my husband and I wrote on the wall. This was my first time there. However, my husband had the opportunity to rewrite ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE and THE LOVE YOU TAKE IS EQUAL TO THE LOVE YOU MAKE which he and his brother wrote in the same spot 10 years earlier!


....The second picture is of my husband and I walking over the famous crossing. Of course, we then visited the Abbey Road Café to get some t-shirts and stuff. We look forward to seeing our pictures on your website! Thanks. Rachael and Michael Silverman Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

With a picture taken in front of a road sign that is unfortunately no longer there, Susan Landauer writes:

Was browsing and found your web site. This picture was taken at Abbey Road in July 2005. From left to right we are Jill, Andrea, Susan, Anne and Elaine from NY, Arizona, Ny, Arizona and North Carolina . Please put us on your web site. It would make Anne especially happy!