June 2000

Javier and Silvia Estrach from Buenos Aires, Argentina crossing over on May 15th, 1999.
Remember Bob Beals from back in May? Well here is his daughter Robyn signing "The Wall"
And here is Robyn making that crossing...
Bob also took this of a guy from Mexico. He Gave Bob his e-mail address, but Bob has since lost it...maybe they will make contact once again via this very web site? Does this look like you? Did you cross over on April 27, 2000? If so, mail us at the Abbey Road Crossing now!
Jay E. Reiner of New York, USA, crossing over on his first visit to the UK on June 6th 2000. An essential part of any trip to London!
Jay (with his wife as photographer) braving the traffic for another shot.
That's the place - Thanks Jay.
Bob's view of the wall. Thanks Bob.