January 2005

Bernie Hudecki writes: On July 17th 2004 - with the Abbey Road webcam repaired just in the nick of time - my sister Helen from Guelph, Canada salutes her family, her mom and 8 brothers and sisters back in Canada before crossing. This is the best (photo) we have and I feel I owed it to you because of all you did to make it happen in getting Abbey Road to fix the camera for us. Seasons greetings to you from me and mine
and from Elizabeth Dietz we received: Hi! Got to come to London this past August.......I am from Manchester, New Jersey, USA......met up with good friends from London and Madrid, Spain.....And of course we "crossed over" ...hahaha..
...next time I will get a head on shot...but will watch those cars!! Here are some pics with myself and Elena Romea...from Madrid..I am the one with the glasses.......Take care, Elizabeth A. Dietz