October 2011

"Hello, I would like you to add the attached picture of me at the zebra crossing. My name is Doron Bar, I am from Israel and the pic is from Oct 1, 2011. And if I may say, it was the most exciting thing in my London tour. Thank you!"
A little unusual, but.................

"Hi, my name is Ones. I am from Australia. I had this vision I would cross Abbey Road in my briefs and so I did. It was taken on the 4 October 2011 on the last day of my trip to London. It was magical to visit one of the holy sites of the Beatles. Many thanks to Dan and Mariana for taking the pic. With Love from Me to You.........Ones"

"Hi! This was taken 15 June 2011. From left to right: Me (Scott Icard from West Virginia), cousin Marsha Dunlavy from Kentucky, cousin Joe Dunlavy from Kansas and cousin John Dunlavy from Colorado but who teaches at TASIS just outside of London. Photo taken by Kathy Dunlavy, Joe's wife. This was a highlight of our eight-day "family gathering" in England!"
Juan Carlos Humara from Argentina 'Crossing Over' in September 1999
"Abbey Road meets Sesame Street!"

Peter Wilson - the Westminster Council Commissioning Officer responsible for Road Safety Education - has sent us this fun picture of Elmo and Grover helping launch the UN road safety campaign. Great idea!

Alicia A. Link from Buenos Aires, Argentina writes:

"These are pictures of Julieta Link and Tomas Lapido from Buenos Aires, Argentina..............


.................great fans and Beatlemaniacs, who were there in August 2010. Would you please be kind enough to upload these pictures on your website? Thanks a lot!!!"

Our pleasure Alicia [JJ]