November 2018

We crossed Abbey Road On Sunday October 7th 2018. We are all from Northborough, Massachusetts USA! A small town 33 miles west of Boston! L to R : Naomi Merchant, Brenda Derby, Kevin Merchant & Dan Derby
"Today we crossed over again. It was three years since we last crossed Abbey Road together. At that time my 11 years old daughter Amelie could not see the point of doing this at all. It was mainly stealing time from her shopping on Oxford Street or her visit to the Tower. She was not at all impressed by the Beatles. Three years have now passed, she has done a project about the Beatles at school and played Help on the piano at a school concert. Today she was actually excited about the crossing of Abbey Road! This picture is a journey in time of us crossing three years ago and again today.

Greetings from Lasse and Amelie Johansson - crossing Abbey Road on 18 November 2018"

We are Sid Kohr and Renee Benner from Gettysburg PA USA. We crossed on 13 June 2018. The Crosswalk was under construction awaiting repainting! Still excited to do the “Beatle walk!”