January 2014

Not Abbey Road I know, but a picture of one of my favourite places - Arosa, in the Swiss Alps. I shall be there skiing later this month and a very good friend of mine who lives there took this picture earlier today just to remind me of what I'm missing!

I hope that your Christmas has been as enjoyable as mine. Our house has been a hive of activity with our two boys and their partners joining us as well as my wife's sister and her family flying in from New Zealand. The icing on the cake is that the fun will continue because we will all be sharing a chalet together in Arosa!

I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2014 and hope that you continue to enjoy sharing the memories of your visits to Abbey Road with us.

Jeff Jarratt

Jeff Jarratt in Abbey Road Studio 1

So, for our first Crossing picture of the year.........................

"Hi. Attached is my photo of me (Barb Hogg), my daughter Rachel and my sister Rose Lawson followed by my niece - all crossing Abbey Road in June 2013. We are from Australia and when I first got to Abbey Road I cried with excitement. I watch people crossing every day on the live cam and could not contain myself when I finally got there to experience it for myself. A definite must if you go to London! Take Care. Barb Hogg"
"Hi. I just visited this beautiful street on December 28, 2013. In the picture are my wife and I - Tere & Hugo Jimenez. We are from Mexico. Best regards and Happy New Year!!
"Hello. We are a family (Patrick, Veerle, Lies and Pieter) from Belgium. This picture was taken on december 28, 2013. Bye! Patrick Van der Perren"
Guenter Mehmel writes: "Hi Guys. The Picture shows Gerd and Guenter. We are from Frankfurt, Germany and we visited Abbey Road Crossing in September 2013. Thank you for everything. Gerd and Guenter"
"Hi, it's me me and me in the photo below. Someone took a lot of pictures of me when crossing Abbey Road. I just merged some of them to a photo like this - because I love all of the pictures! I'm Ryan Isaac, from Indonesia :) Instagram @ryanisaac or Tweet @ryanisc to see all the pictures I took at the Abbey road ;)"
"Hi my name is Mario from the Philippines. This was taken January 8, 2014. I came across your website when I was trying to look for directions getting to Abbey Road! I might as well be counted in your collection. No visit to London is complete without crossing the Abbey Road! Cheers, Mario Mercado Jr."
"Robert W. Clarke from Los Angeles, California USA. Crossing over in Septemeber 1986"
"Hi! I'm Rita Chiles. My daughters, granddaughter and I crossed on December 28, 2010....was great fun! We're from Virginia, USA....we've been "across the pond" many times to your wonderful city...many thanks."
From sunny California we received this from Richard Durand:

"Hi! Here's the picture taken in September, 2013 of - left to right, Richard, Joyce, Nathaniel and Pamala while we were in London. Pamala was there to compete in the ITU World Triathlon Championships. It was raining !! Thanks for putting it up on the site. Richard D."

"Anthony Tully and Jim McClean Crossing Over on 18 January 2014. Both from Coventry, England.- Thanks."
From Jody Eastmond we have received the picture above and the following four: "Hi, here are some pics of my visit to Abbey Road in June 2010..............
.............................Thanks. Jody Eastmon x"