April 2003

Mike Bottomley from Victoria, Australia, crossing over in a santa hat on 18th December 2002. You don't know how long I've wanted a picture like this Mike. Thank you! :-)
Ricky from Italy crossing over on 28th March 2003. Thanks Ricky.
Ricky again, this time showing the camera his favourite side, oh and in front of the studios ;-)
Bojan Horvat from Ljubljana, Slovenia crossing over on 15th February 2003.
Bojan again, this time outside the studios. Thanks for the photos.
In the first of this batch we have Eric Kammermann of Charlevoix, Michigan, USA crossing over 25 December 2002 (note the bare feet).
Erika Kammermann of Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA crossing over on the same morning.
Noel Kammermann of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA also crossing over Christmas morning. What a present!!!
I think this one is Noel outside the studio...
Erika at one of the "Abbey Road" signs...
... And finally, this one ought to be of Eric outside Abbey Road studios. Thanks for all the pics.
In this one we have Jesus at the front, a barefooted Paul in the middle and Carlos at the back crossing over.